With the support of Well & Wonder, we hope you feel empowered to begin your healing journey with the gifts of the earth as the plant-based ingredients of our body balm help melt away your discomfort.

our story

Well & Wonder was created through deep intention to elevate the way people feel by addressing physical discomfort caused by everyday stress, tightness and tension with natural ingredients.

Best friends Lizzy Polden and Rachel Minier instantly connected while working in the fashion world over a shared interest in wellness. Their paths from modeling and styling in NYC to studies in reiki, holistic nutrition, sound healing and yoga created the space for them to visualize a brand that addressed the tenderness of daily life.

What began as an ‘a-ha!’ moment on set as a ‘quick-fix’ to aches and pains, cascaded into a healing remedy when Well & Wonder founders Lizzy and Rachel decided to ditch the toxic ingredients and instead, develop a luxurious balm that highlights the efficacious plant power of the world, all in one jar.

This birthed Well & Wonder. The name incorporates the two pillars of the brand: wellness and the natural wonders of the plant world.

Together, Well & Wonder captures a belief in natural well-being and all of it’s healing possibilities.

Rachel is a former model, with a Bachelors in psychology from NYU, a Masters in health psychology from University College London, along with a degree from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, certified yoga instructor and mother of three, living full time in London.

Lizzy is a wellness enthusiast and long time New York fashion stylist with a design degree from The Fashion Institute of Technology, training in reflexology, sound and reiki healing. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and can often be found at the dog park, farmer's market or on a photoshoot.

Rachel's Bio:
At 15, I was scouted at my home-town shopping mall in Michigan for a potential modeling opportunity. From that unsuspecting day until I was 32 (and 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby boy!), modeling was my main career. I traveled the world and lived in many countries while working for magazines, catalogs and doing tv commercials. Lizzy and I met (and fell in love) while working for one of my favorite clients Lands' End.

Throughout my modeling career, I followed my calling to serve others through integrative daily practices, psychology, science-backed nutrition and other healing modalities. Over many years, I acquired a wealth of knowledge in varying fields; always with the goal of service to others in mind. I received my BA in Psychology from New York University, Masters in Health Psychology at the University College of London and studied Nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Gathering this knowledge I formed a small but mighty health counseling business where I was able to integrate my passion for helping others create a healthier happier life through small daily changes. As the years passed, and my friendship with Lizzy grew, so did our joint passion for bringing service to a larger scale. With Lizzy by my side, we were able to integrate our love for each other, our love for the earth, and our love for others into what you now know as Well & Wonder. Our nurturing brand provides products that make the simplest moments in day-to-day life a little easier; and a little less stressful; so that you can get back to the joy and wonder in your life.

Lizzy's Bio:
Having been in a car accident at age 19 when a drunk driver rear ended my vehicle, I was in immense pain with three slipped discs in my neck. After numerous hours with doctors and in physical therapy with no release in pain and my whole life ahead of me, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I fired the team of doctors and with open arms, I embraced a wellness approach to my own health through yoga, pilates and healthy living with non-toxic products in my home and body. I went from being scared to move to empowered to take my health and healing into my own hands.

Working as a full-time fashion stylist, the journey of navigating my own pain and sharing what has worked for me with others I meet has been very fulfilling. I am known to have 'lotions and potions' I regularly apply to myself throughout the work day and will happily share with my models that have various aches and pains from either working long days in high heels or simple everyday tensions.

Early in my career, the universe sent me a gift while I was styling on set with my client Lands' End. The gift was Rachel. We became immediate best friends. Throughout the years, Rachel and I were lucky enough to meet across the globe; always connecting over our shared interests of healing, well-being and service to others. One summer day, under the beautiful trees in our favorite place to spend time together, we unearthed the powerful healing we could create with the wonders of nature. From that day forward, we have poured ourselves into a labor of love that is now Well & Wonder; a luxurious balm filled with intention that offers relief of discomfort with ease, simplicity and luxury.

"We can't wait for you to try
Well & Wonder and experience all
of it’s beautiful healing possibilities."

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